Customized training


AZEECON organizes an annual customized training, primarily for trainers and resource persons, in aspects relating to the primary strategic theme (Linking Relief, Rehabilitation and Development & Rights-Based Approaches).

On some occasions, key partners provide the expertise (eg a recent FCA- supported training on Education in Emergencies.  Otherwise, external experts are normally engaged and the event normally extends over 5-10 including field visits.   Related materials and policies are sometimes one product of these events. The RDRS North Bengal Institute at Rangpur has been a usual venue although other location have been used.

Themes covered by Customized Training in the past few tears include:  Climate Change, Advocacy Communication, Human Trafficking, Education in Emergencies, EU Resource Mobilization.

Exposure training

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AZEECON organizes a regular annual program of at least 3 Education Exposure and Training Visits (EETVs) – these are practical learn and visit event for staff of members and local partners.  The host member organizes the event to include field visits and seminar/training workshop on relevant themes which are decided each year in the annual planning meeting. Normally at least 2 staff from each member attend along with additional staff and partners from the host.  Themes in EETVs in recent years have included Climate Field School and Peace Monitoring, Trafficking, Women & Child Protection, Gender Mainstreaming, Food Insecurity, Youth & Development, Communication, RBA, etc

The AZEECON platform also encourages bilateral visit to be organized directly by one member in co-operation with another.  Many such bilateral visits have taken place and often prove valuable in targeting specific ideas and practices to be introduced,

Resource sharing and regional programming


When it comes to resource sharing it has special focus on information/knowledge exchange, including strategy development of AZEECON partners, identification of regional/national program resources and networks, sharing of materials, experience and best practices.

Annual Planning, Review & Meeting (The Summit)

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Once a year, normally towards year end, the AZEECON Summit takes place involving the organizational heads (the AZEECON focal points) and the other Focal Points (Finance, Communication, Program).  This 3-day event, sometimes extended to include field visits, includes updates from AZEECON events, planning for future AZEECON actions, some learning opportunities and developing policy, and advocacy campaigns.  The Summit is vital in building solidarity and understanding and ensuring the subsequent self-managed events proceed smoothly with good trust and co-operation on all sides